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Jalfrezi Curry Sauce

Jalfrezi Jalfrezi or Jal Farajee, or Jal Frezi, or Jalfri. Meaning: Bengali: Jal or Jhal means ‘pungently spicy’ and frezi, ‘stir-fry’. Madhuban Jalfrezi Curry Sauce is unique because it has a super restaurant-style curry gravy made ultra-tasty with chopped onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, green capsicum, fresh coriander, and chili.

Medium Bhuna Curry Sauce

Bhoona The Bhoona (or Bhuna) is the Hindi and Urdu term for the process of cooking a wet ground masala (spice mixture) or ground spice paste in hot oil, slowly frying out all the water content. It is the most important part of curry cooking since it is this process that removes the raw taste of the spices and releases the essential oils, creating that wonderful well-rounded taste that we expect of our curry, in which no one spice predominates the taste-buds.