Our Barnsley chops are a real hit with the locals. Our boneless steaks are equally as good.

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Barnsley Lamb Chops

Each pack contains 2 Barnsley lamb chops. A meaty double middle loin chop, known locally as a Barnsley chop.

Chump Chops

Each pack contains 4 x 6oz  chump chops. These have a sweet taste and are cut from the top of the leg, fully trimmed and boned.

Lamb Leg Steaks

Pack sizes available: 2x8oz/4x8oz Our tender leg steaks are best done under the grill or in the oven.

Middle Lamb Loin Chops

Each pack contains 4 lean lamb chops, approximately 600g.

Shoulder of Lamb

Arguably the most succulent part of the lamb. If your catering for 8 we recommend using a full shoulder the 3kg would be the best option.