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Boneless Rolled Rib of Beef

Pack sizes available: 1kg/1.5kg/2kg/3kg Hung on the bone for 21 days. Boned and rolled our ribs make for a real tasty treat. Remember to leave your joint to stand for 20 minutes after cooking.

Bacon Chops

Each pack contains 2 x 8oz medium cut bacon chops. For best results cook under the grill.

BBQ Selector Meat Pack

Our BBQ Selector Pack consists of: 2 x Kebabs 2 x 6oz Burgers 2 x Sweet chilli Kebabs 1lb Tasty Sausages 2 x Cajun Butterfly Chicken Fillets 2 x Mexican Pork Steaks 6 x BBQ Wings

Barnsley Lamb Chops

Each pack contains 2 Barnsley lamb chops. A meaty double middle loin chop, known locally as a Barnsley chop.

Beef Mince

Pack sizes available: 500g/1kg Lean cuts are selected to ensure maximum flavour.

Argentinian Fire Chicken Fillets

2 x 8oz Argentinian fire chicken fillets per pack. The 2 chicken fillets are coated in our Argentinian fire sauce. The sauce has a smokey BBQ flavour with a hint of spice.

Argentinian Twisters

Each pack contains 8 large Argentinian twisters. Award winning Worsthorne Nibbler sausages wrapped in our delicious dry cured streaky bacon and coated in our homemade Argentinian sauce.

Bacon Ribs

Each pack contains 680g of home cured bacon ribs. Meaty ribs fresh from our speciality brine.

Black Garlic Tenderloin Pork Kebabs

Each pack contains 6 kebabs coated in a Caribbean sauce. It has a sweet and tasty garlic flavour. The meat is from the tenderloin so minimal cooking is required.

BBQ Sampler Meat Pack

Our BBQ Sampler Meat Pack consists of:
1lb (8) Sausages
4 x Speciality Kebabs
4 x Sweet Chilli Rump Steak Kebabs
12 Salt And Pepper Wings
6 Chinese Style Ribs
4 x Quarter Pounder Burgers
4 x 8oz Pork Snitzels

Gourmet Burgers

Each pack contains 2 x 8oz gourmet burgers. Tasty burgers with a twist. Salt and pepper rub around the outside with a smokey infusion on the inside. Impress your friends and family. These burgers are excellent cooked on the BBQ and just as good in the oven.

Autumn Truffles

Each pack contains 2 Autumn Truffles. A pork and apple truffle coated in hoisin sauce form the basket. Black pudding, a creamy pepper sauce and mozzarella cheese is placed inside the basket and topped with a cherry tomato. Cooking instructions: Use the foil tray provided. Remove the lid and cook for 25 mins at 180c.

Beef Casserole Recipe Seasoning

Cook up casserole perfection!  Our beef casserole recipe seasoning uses delicate notes of rosemary and thyme for a rich and flavoursome dish you definitely won’t forget in a hurry. Each pack comes complete with a shopping list and recipe instructions inside.

Beef Dripping

Beef Dripping is traditionally the best way to fry chips and great for roasting joints or cooking Yorkshire Puddings.

Beef Sausages

Each pack contains: 8 Sausages (approximately 500g) Made from the finest lean cuts of beef. Lightly seasoned and full of flavour.

Belly Pork Joint

Joint sizes available: 1kg/2kg/3kg Our mouth watering belly pork joints are scored and selected to give you that perfect ratio of fat, lean meat and crackling.

Belly Pork Sliced

500g belly pork sliced. This is best cooked under the grill or on the bbq.

Big Daddy Meat Pack

Our Big Daddy Meat Pack consists of:
3lb Roasting Rump Beef Joint
3lb 8oz Cushion of Lamb
5lb Chicken
3lb Pork Loin Joint (with crackling)
2 x 1lb Mince Steak
2 x 1lb Stewing Steak
2 x 4 Pork Loin Steaks
2 x 4 Lamb Steaks
2 x 4 Chicken Fillets
4 x Quarter Pounder Burgers
2 x 1lb Back Bacon
2 x 1lb Pork Sausages
4 x 8oz Pork Chops
4 x 8oz Sirloin Steaks
4 x 8oz Gammon Steaks

Black Garlic Twisters

Each pack contains 8 large black garlic twisters. Award winning Worsthorne Nibbler sausages wrapped in our delicious dry cured streaky bacon and coated in our homemade black garlic sauce.

Black Puddings

Each pack contains 2 full puddings. In natural casings and in the traditional horseshoe shape. These award winning puddings are from the prestigious Lancashire Black Pudding Company.

Bolognese Recipe Seasoning

Create the ultimate Italian comfort food!  Our incredible Bolognese seasoning brings a taste of authentic Italy to your kitchen with flavoursome notes of Oregano, Basil and Thyme. Each pack comes complete with a shopping list and recipe instructions inside.

Balti Sauce

Balti is a type of curry. It has achieved cult status in the west in a remarkably short space of time. Indeed, the very word Balti is as alien to most of the people of the subcontinent, as was the curry when that word was coined long ago. Balti's origins, as with all such food, goes back a long time. The northern-most part of the subcontinent is Pakistan's Kashmir, a part of which is called Baltistan.

Boneless Chicken Thighs (with skin)

Each pack contains 500g, approximately 5 boneless thighs. Excellent for curries or casseroles.

Boneless Leg of Lamb

Each boneless leg weighs approximately 1.5kg and will feed 8-10 people. If you don't want to fiddle with the bone let us take it out for you. We secure the leg with bands to make carving a doddle.

Boneless Neck of Lamb

Pack sizes available: 500g/1kg Known as scrag end and round neck. The boneless neck has slightly more fat ratio. Cooked slowly in ringlets for a fantastic hot pot.