Our full range of tasty burgers will keep everybody happy around your BBQ. Try some of our fine steak to further impress friends and family.

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Gourmet Burgers

Each pack contains 2 x 8oz gourmet burgers. Tasty burgers with a twist. Salt and pepper rub around the outside with a smokey infusion on the inside. Impress your friends and family. These burgers are excellent cooked on the BBQ and just as good in the oven.

Peppered Rump Steaks

Each pack contains 4x4oz peppered rump steaks. Our home made steak coater has a slight kick and these steaks are fantastic under the grill or on the BBQ.

Plain 6oz Beef Burgers

Each pack contains 4 x 6oz plain beef burgers. Homemade with our finest lean mince steak and tasty seasoning.

Pork And Apple Burgers

Each pack contains 4 x 6oz pork and apple burgers. These burgers contain a hint of apples and mixed herbs for a fresh tasting bite.

Pork Steak Schnitzels

Pack sizes available: 2x8oz/4x8oz The pork schnitzels are a must for any BBQ, marinated to give you a tender bite every time. Equally as good in the oven or under the grill.

Seans Premier Burger

Each pack contains 4 of our tasty 6oz burgers. These big boys contain lean minced pork and hickory smoked flavours

Spiced Belly Pork

500g sliced belly pork coated in our speciality hot n spicy sauce. This sliced belly pork is great on the bbq or grill.

Texas Burgers

Eack pack contains 4 of our famous tasty 6oz burgers. These big boys contain black pepper and mixed herbs.