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Fillet Steak Strips

Pack sizes available: 500g/1kg These strips require minimal frying for maximum tenderness. Use in your stroganoffs and stir fry's.

Fillet Steaks

Pack sizes available: 2x6oz/2x8oz/2x10oz Fillet steak is very tender. The melt in your mouth flavour will impress your friends and family and leave them wanting more.

Frying Steak

Pack sizes available: 500g/1kg We cut our frying steak from the topside joint. This cut is fantastic for quick frying with onions.

Gammon Steaks

Pack sizes available: 2 x 8oz/2 x 10oz/2 x 12oz These mild Yorkshire cured gammon steaks are mild, fully trimmed, and cut from the centre to ensure you enjoy every single bite.

Hot N Spicy Turkey Breast Steaks

Each pack contains 2 x 8oz Turkey steaks coated in our hot n spicy sauce.

Lamb Leg Steaks

Pack sizes available: 2x8oz/4x8oz Our tender leg steaks are best done under the grill or in the oven.

Mushroom Sauce

A delightfully creamy Mushroom Sauce, containing the finest mushrooms, white Muntok pepper & a dash of lemon juice.

Pepper Sauce

An exquisite and mildly spiced pepper sauce featuring the unmistakable taste of our trademark Verstegen white Muntok, black Lampong and fresh green peppercorns.

Peppered Rump Steaks

Each pack contains 4x4oz peppered rump steaks. Our home made steak coater has a slight kick and these steaks are fantastic under the grill or on the BBQ.

Pork Loin Steaks

Pack sizes available: 2x8oz/4x8oz Loin steaks offer tender results quick, either panfry or grill for best results.

Rib Eye Steaks

Pack sizes available: 2x 8oz / 2x 10oz / 2x 12oz Rib eyes contain slightly more fat than sirloin steaks and are amongst the most tenderest cuts of beef we sell. Perfect to Pan fry, grill or BBQ.

Rump Steaks

Pack sizes available: 2x 6oz / 2x 8oz / 2x 10oz Rump steak is the best value of the five main grilling steaks. Fantastic on baguettes or on barbecues when catering for large parties.

Rump Stir Fry Strips

Pack sizes available: 500g / 1kg Hand trimmed and cut into fine strips. Rump steak offers maximum tenderness in all your stir frys.

Sirloin Steaks

Pack sizes available: 2x 8oz / 2x 10oz / 2x 12oz All our sirloins are hung on the bone for a minimum of 21 days to ensure maximum tenderness and flavour. Without question the most popular steak sold in the shop.

Steak Bar Meat Pack

Our Steak Bar meat pack consists of:
2 x 8oz Rump Steaks
2 x 8oz Leg Lamb Steaks
2 x 8oz Pork Loin Steaks
2 x 8oz Sirloin Steaks
2 x 8oz Steak Canadians
2 x 8oz Fillet Steaks

Steak Canadians

6 Large steak canadians per pack. A quick meal for all the family. Cook in a hot frying pan  for 40 seconds either side.

Steak Diane Sauce

A classic sauce to add to any dish. Perfect with a lovely slab of steak! A drop of brandy combined with mushrooms and cream give a beautifully rich sauce

T-Bone Steaks

Pack sizes available: 2x 20oz / 2x 24oz These monster steaks are a real treat. Containing a piece of fillet steak and a piece of sirloin that is matured and sliced on the bone. As there are two cuts of meat with different cooking properties we recommend placing the fillet to the outside of the grill pan to ensure no overcooking.

Turkey Breast Steaks

Each pack contains 2 x 8oz turkey breast steaks. Our locally supplied succulent turkey breast steaks are the healthy option.