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Peppered Rump Steaks

Each pack contains 4x4oz peppered rump steaks. Our home made steak coater has a slight kick and these steaks are fantastic under the grill or on the BBQ.

Roasting Rump Joint

Pack sizes available: 1kg / 1.5kg/ 2kg / 2.5kg / 3kg Topsides and the silverside high pieces are our choices for beef joints. We recommend leaving the meat to rest for 20 minutes before carving. This ensures the meat has set up and will make carving easier.

Rump Steaks

Pack sizes available: 2x 6oz / 2x 8oz / 2x 10oz Rump steak is the best value of the five main grilling steaks. Fantastic on baguettes or on barbecues when catering for large parties.

Rump Stir Fry Strips

Pack sizes available: 500g / 1kg Hand trimmed and cut into fine strips. Rump steak offers maximum tenderness in all your stir frys.

Sweet Chilli Rump Steak Kebabs

Each pack contains 6 tender cubed rump steak kebabs coated in our speciality sweet chilli sauce. We recommend grilling on a high heat, turning frequently for no longer than 6 minutes.