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BBQ Selector Meat Pack

Our BBQ Selector Pack consists of: 2 x Kebabs 2 x 6oz Burgers 2 x Sweet chilli Kebabs 1lb Tasty Sausages 2 x Cajun Butterfly Chicken Fillets 2 x Mexican Pork Steaks 6 x BBQ Wings

Black Garlic Tenderloin Pork Kebabs

Each pack contains 6 kebabs coated in a Caribbean sauce. It has a sweet and tasty garlic flavour. The meat is from the tenderloin so minimal cooking is required.

BBQ Sampler Meat Pack

Our BBQ Sampler Meat Pack consists of:
1lb (8) Sausages
4 x Speciality Kebabs
4 x Sweet Chilli Rump Steak Kebabs
12 Salt And Pepper Wings
6 Chinese Style Ribs
4 x Quarter Pounder Burgers
4 x 8oz Pork Snitzels

Chicken Sausage and Ham Kebabs

Each pack contains 4 mixed kebabs coated in our speciality Cajun seasoning. Don't wait all summer for the weather, these kebabs are great under the grill.

Sweet Chilli Rump Steak Kebabs

Each pack contains 6 tender cubed rump steak kebabs coated in our speciality sweet chilli sauce. We recommend grilling on a high heat, turning frequently for no longer than 6 minutes.

Ultimate Selection Meat Pack

Our Ultimate Selection Meat Pack consists of:
16 Meals packed individually ready for the freezer ideal for 1 or 2 people
2x 1/2 lb Mince Steak
2x 6 Pork Sausages
2x Gammon Steaks
2x Chicken And Sausage Kebabs
2x Chicken Kiev
2x Pork Snitzel
2x Texas Burger
2x Peppered Rump Steak