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Deluxe BBQ Special Meat Pack

Our Deluxe BBQ Special Meat Pack consists of: 1lb (8) Thin Pork Sausages 4 x Peppered 6oz BBQ Beef Steaks 4 x Chicken, Sausage and Ham Kebabs 4 x 6oz Burgers 4 x Butterflied Cajun Chicken Fillets 12 x Salt n Pepper Wings

Gammon Steaks

Pack sizes available: 2 x 8oz/2 x 10oz/2 x 12oz These mild Yorkshire cured gammon steaks are mild, fully trimmed, and cut from the centre to ensure you enjoy every single bite.

Slimmers Meat Pack

Our Slimmers meat pack consists of:
1lb Mince Steak 1lb Sausages 2 Chicken Fillets 2 Pork Loin Steaks Stir Fry 2x 8ox Gammon Steaks 2x Turkey Steaks 1lb Back Bacon 6 Eggs