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Diced Braising Steak

Pack sizes available: 500g/1kg Top quality, you cant go wrong with diced braising in your stews and casseroles.

Diced Breast Chicken

Each pack contains 500g of diced breast. Fantastic for all your curries and casseroles.

Diced Casserole Lamb

Pack sizes available: 500g/1kg. Lean diced shoulder is used for our casserole lamb.

Diced Leg of Lamb

Pack sizes available: 500g/1kg If you are wanting your diced lamb cooking quick, we recommend using diced leg. Great for quick lamb curries and for making your own speciality lamb kebabs.

Diced Pork

Pack sizes available: 500g/1kg Our diced pork is selected from lean cuts, great for casseroles.

Diced Shin Beef

Pack sizes available: 500g/1kg Shin is full of flavour and adds plenty of stock during the cooking process. For best results cook on a low heat for a long period of time, this breaks down the fibres within the meat.