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Dewley Creamy Lancashire Cheese

Made to the two-day curd recipe, Creamy is a mellow and milky flavoured cheese that perfectly coats the mouth. A superb melting cheese.

Dewley Crumbly Lancashire Cheese

Crumbly Lancashire is a young cheese typically matured for up to 8 weeks and made from fresh locally sourced milk. Bright white in colour, this cheese has a clean, zesty, slightly sharp flavour and a crumbly texture. It is brilliant for crumbling into sandwiches and salads or with apple pie. Winner of Gold award at Bath & West 2011, Cheshire Show 2011 and The Great Yorkshire Show 2011

Dewley Mature Cheddar Cheese

Carefully matured under controlled conditions for nine to twelve months, Dewlay Mature Cheddar has a firm, silky texture and a wonderfully full flavour.

Dewley Mild Cheddar Cheese

Delicately flavoured Dewlay Mild Cheddar has a smooth creamy texture and tastes delicious with some fresh English apple juice.

Micro Stilton Sauce

A wonderfully creamy sauce gives any meal a great taste of rich stilton. Highly versatile, it can be used with nearly anything!