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Autumn Truffles

Each pack contains 2 Autumn Truffles. A pork and apple truffle coated in hoisin sauce form the basket. Black pudding, a creamy pepper sauce and mozzarella cheese is placed inside the basket and topped with a cherry tomato. Cooking instructions: Use the foil tray provided. Remove the lid and cook for 25 mins at 180c.

Black Puddings

Each pack contains 2 full puddings. In natural casings and in the traditional horseshoe shape. These award winning puddings are from the prestigious Lancashire Black Pudding Company.

Pork And Black Pudding Sausages

Each pack contains: 8 Sausages (approximately 500g) A fine cut sausage that is a mixture of award winning pork sausage meat and award winning black pudding, which makes it irresistible.

Sliced Black Puddings

Each pack contains 4 slices of black pudding from the prestigious Lancashire Blackpudding Company. We recommend grilling or shallow frying.